Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You are precious in His sight.

Lists have always given me a thrill. But when I was given the task of listing ALL the words that describe who I am, I shuddered. Blah! As I wrote I did feel silly and a little self-absorbed but on I wrote. Outgoing, creative, compassionate, understanding, and sensitive are just a few examples of the describing words I had come up with.  After a while, I realized I had run out of those nice, colorful words that describe the person I am. Now, I moved to words that I didn’t necessarily love but were still me. Slight perfectionists, impatient, unorganized and not always gentle with my words were in the middle of this inventory. Moving on to those downright ugly describing words was extremely hard. Cringing, I wrote broken, glutton, angry, fearful, stubborn and prideful. Ashamed, I hid my list under piles of papers, stuck it in a notebook and crammed it under my bedside table. Walking away from the record of who I am, I passed a mirror and took a long look. Seeing the physical scars and signs of age deepened my shame. I felt ugly inside and out. The devil knows just how to get you even lower.

God has a plan for everything, even this now crumpled list. No matter what I am, what I am made up of or look like, or no matter what is going on in my life at the moment, I am HIS. I AM PRECIOUS IN HIS SIGHT. Even with my imperfections I am His true love, HIS – EVERYTHING about me is precious to HIM.  AND He longs for my attention every second and pursues me! It is just mind blowing. The more I trust His love, the less I care about all those ugly words. His grace, love and mercy are rewriting my list and teaching me to keep my focus where it belongs – on the one who calls me PRECIOUS.

Psalm 139:14 
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous--how well I know it.

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